To Encourage Your Children to Exercise, a Good Way to Develop Children’s Coordination and Balance!

Nowadays, when it comes to exercise, everyone is quite careless about it. And surprisingly, the most active generation is lethargic today. They feel burdened by their daily schedule and make excuses that they have no time due to hectic life. But no parent wants this. They want their child to have a healthy life. Therefore it becomes your duty to encourage your child to go for outdoor sports. One of the easiest and the most interesting outdoor activity is jumping rope. Most people found this activity interesting, and they perform it on a daily basis to stay healthy and fit. 

So we have a good way to inculcate the habit of exercising daily in your child. With the help of an outdoor jumping rope ball, you can develop coordination and balance in your child’s life.

So, let us understand more about this product. 

Fun Outdoor Jumping Rope Ball For Kids 

If I say that every sportsperson’s favorite activity is jumping rope, then you must agree to this. Your whole body synchronizes when you jump the rope. The new kind of jumping rope in the market is Jumping Rope Ball. Our product Outdoor Jumping Ball for kids is made up of premium quality and comes with a flashing LED light that attracts your kids. The device is easy to operate, and your kids can have ultimate fun using this product. The jumping rope ball is designed to encourage your kids to do outdoor activities. It also helps in developing the coordination and balance of your kid’s body. The lamp attached to the device has a diameter of approximately 9 cm. The length of the flash jump is approximately 65 cm. The jumping rope ball is made up of ABS material. What are you waiting to order your device right now! 


Model Number: WJ045A-F

Age Range: Above three years old 

Gender: Unisex

Country Of Origin: China 

Type: Juggling Ball

Diameter: 9CM 

Material: Plastic

Colour Available: 5 color

Occasion: Outdoor Sports

Warning: No



  • The Jumping Rope Ball is affordable and has many benefits. 
  • The quality of the product is premium which makes it long-lasting.
  • It comes in five beautiful colors. 
  • Kids above the age of three or more can easily use it. 
  • It comes with LED lights makes it attractive.  


  • Hands exercise is not possible with this rope and which can be done with the normal rope.


As we all witnessed today, if we are fit and healthy, then we can fight from any situation, be it a pandemic. So, being parents, it becomes your responsibility to inculcate the habit of outdoor activities in your child. 

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