Surprise Your Kids With This Battleship Building Blocks That Can Enhance Their Thinking Skills!

These cool and fun Battleship building blocks will indeed strengthen and build creativity, problem-solving, and math skills in your child. These blocks will help your child a lot in developing new friendships, sharing materials, increasing attention span, becoming self-reliant, developing self-esteem, and cooperating with others. You will observe that when your child is 2.5 years old, he will stack bricks using just one hand. At three years of age, he would become a builder and would construct a nine to ten blocks tower. He will develop great concentration in this process and concentrate while putting one block over the other. Your child can do different activities with these building blocks. You must know about these activities to do with building blocks. 

First, you should play a subtraction or addition game with your child. It totally depends on your child’s age. It would help if you first counted the blocks your child is giving to you and then do the opposite, make your child count the block. Ask him to give four blocks back and tell how many are left. You can also use these blocks as musical instruments. These activities will undoubtedly be very beneficial for your child’s mental growth. One must buy these excellent Battleship building blocks. 

Buy From Here Battleship Building Blocks For Your Kid

These blocks will indeed highly benefit your child’s mental health. Your child will learn different crucial things from these building blocks. Learn more about these blocks below. 


  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Age Range: >14Y
  • Theme: Boats
  • Barcode: Yes
  • Certification: 3C
  • Warning: NO
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: 63006
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Size: approx 0.5m (length) 


  • You can also use these building blocks as a gift for someone. Your loved one will surely love this gift, and it is very beneficial for every child above five years and below 14 years of age. 
  • Playing with these Battleship building blocks will help your child to develop math skills, vocabularies, balancing skills, and also, it will teach your child about gravity. 
  • These Battleship building blocks are all about leverage, shape, size, balance, and weight. As your child will work out with these blocks, their block and building play will become more complex. 
  • Block play requires gross and fine motor skills. The more your child will play with these building blocks, the more skills he will develop. 
A large ship in the background


  • Generally, these building blocks are of wood, and they may get cracked or dull if not stored properly. 
  • All these wooden blocks are simple but classy. If you are expecting them to be designer like plastic toys, then you will be disappointed. 
  • If you are having low quality, cheap wooden building blocks, then there might be a risk of wood splinters. To avoid any injury, you should always ensure that your child is not playing with broken wood. 


You can get these beneficial Battleship building blocks online. These blocks are available in the best quality, and their material is of the best quality, keeping in mind the sensitive skin of your child. Don’t think much. Just click the [Get It Now] button above. 

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