Most Loved Tutu Baby Dresses For Your Princess

Tutu Baby Dresses

If one were to describe a tutu dress, they would say, it is a dress that when worn has a cloth piece projecting out of the waist to give the look of a skirt but it still allows the ballerina to show off the full length of their legs so that each and every dance move is clearly visible. This dress is mostly worn by ballerinas as it makes them look elegant and graceful while doing the ballet.


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Tutu dresses mostly use net as the material, these tutu dresses are now not just limited to only ballerinas and it has become a very famous attire for little girls. Tutus are really comfortable for the babies and it looks good on baby girls. If you are wondering what type of tutus to select for your babies, here are a few options from which you can select the type of tutu that would look and feel best on your baby.

Simple / Everyday Tutu Baby Dresses

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Everyday tutu dresses are basically simple tutu dresses that are paired with a simple t-shirt or a baby sweatshirt or a hoodie, you can also pair a legging with the tutu dress to give it a different look.

Tutu Baby Dresses With Lace

When you are looking for tutus to be worn for some special occasion you can try tutus that are decorated with pretty laces. It doesn’t matter whether tutus are on the hem or all over the skirt it will look pretty either way.

Mermaid Tutu Baby Dresses

Mermaid tutu dresses are for people who want to try something extra creative for their babies. Mermaid tutu dresses can be designed in a certain way for it to look like a mermaid’s tail at the bottom and if you are feeling extra creative, you can embellish it with sea shells to give a more sea-like feel. Now that you come to think of it, you can also get a custom made tutu dress that can be made to look like your babies’ favourite disney princess’ dress or of any superhero (mine is Wonder Woman!). There are many online stores that will help you design the desired outfit for your baby in the way you like it.

Woolen Tutu Baby Dresses

Woolen tutu are also the best option for your winter cozy collection, hand made woven tutus with intricate woollen work will protect your babies against the winter. Woollen tutus can also have a huge train on the hind part that can also work as a blanket on days that are extremely cold and chilly.


From the plethora of collections, choose the best tutu dress for your princess and let her shine throughout. Your little girl will look pretty and cute in those little tutu dresses. Traditionally made of lace, tutus can also be made of other fabrics for children. Choose the best fabric that suits your baby and design the tutu dresses of their favourite colour.

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