Know Your Favourite Bts Fashion Style

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You believe you can all agree that bts fashion style is a group of confirmed style icons. The world-record-breaking septet doesn’t simply follow trends; they create them, and you’ve been thrilled to follow their every fashionable move for quite some time. From the concept photographs for Map of the Soul: 7 to RM’s blue hair during the “Dynamite” promotions, BTS never fails to impress, not only in terms of music but also in terms of design. To honour Bangtan’s fashion sense, you’re going back in time and picking together (some of) the group’s most stylish moments since 2015, from coordinated patterned suits to matching white tuxedos and all of the designer ‘fits.

Jin: classic simplicity

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Starting with the eldest, Jin’s style is clean-cut and put-together, resulting in dignified appearances appropriate to the eldest Hyung. He prefers basic designs, which results in exquisite ensembles that highlight his model-like body. Jin’s taste is also upscale: he has professed a fondness for the high-end designer house Givenchy!

J-Hope: Sunshine Streetwear

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It’s no wonder that J-style Hope’s reflects his enthusiastic, sunny demeanour. His style is laid-back but creative and unconventional, with bright colours and daring combinations of pieces that most of us wouldn’t dare to wear together — but his outgoing attitude helps him carry off these outfits effortlessly. J-Hope is known for wearing streetwear brands such as Supreme and Yeezy, but he also wears Yeezy and Off-White regularly.

Hobi does, however, occasionally mix in some high-end designer labels, as shown below, when he wears a Stüssy headband and Puma shoes with a Balenciaga top and Supreme x Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

Rm: Street With A Twist

RM’s style has developed significantly throughout the years, with a consistent thread of attempting unusual techniques and combining disparate elements in daring ways. Like his diverse nature, his fashion taste is difficult to classify, as it ranges from streetwear to gentler, almost bohemian outfits. WTAPS, Neighborhood, and Yamamoto are among RM’s favourite Japanese streetwear labels, and he has recently been seen wearing a lot of Visvim. From the streets of New York.

Jimin: Effortlessly Cool

Jimin’s style is effortlessly cool and trendy, and he frequently wears a loose-fitting shirt tucked into tight slacks — a casual ensemble that appears effortlessly stylish on Jimin’s toned frame. He often adds a pair of square-framed eyeglasses or an edgy jacket to his attire to complete the effortlessly stylish bts fashion style. He also wears a lot of silver jewellery, with many silver rings and earrings. 

V: Luxury Comfort

V’s clothing, which can be summed up in one word: Gucci, combines comfort with high-end fashion. V frequently wears luxury clothing from head to toe, as shown in these four looks: Apart from his admiration for the Italian designer, V has the most clearly defined style among the BTS members: his ensembles frequently vary on wide, flowing black pants teamed with button-down dress shirts with striking patterns in striking colours.


In music videos, photoshoots, and powerful live performances, bts fashion style is known for its eye-catching apparel. Even when stylists aren’t on hand to help them get dressed, the members have established themselves as fashionistas in their own right, thanks to their everyday style. The BTS members have developed their fashion senses, as unique as each of the seven guys themselves, behind all the glitz and glam of the stage. Let’s decode the BTS members’ styles by looking at airport fashion, V Live outfits, daily wardrobe tweets, and more!

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