Jack and Jannie – An Alternative History

jack and janie

Jack And Janie tells the story of Jack (Jonah Hill) and his best friend, Janie (Beverly D’Angelo). Jack lost his daughter to death when he was just a teenager. Ever since she died, he has been haunted by visions of his dead daughter. Now, he longs to have his lost love back, but at the same time he has to work a job and support himself and his two children. He longs for the girl he buried with his own daughter.

The Beginning

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So, what does this young man do? He goes to his best friend, Frank (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who has a lot of bad experiences in life, but always manages to help the afflicted person. Frank lives in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. When he first sees Jack, he is struck by how well-off Jack seems to be. This makes him ask more about Jack, until finally, Frank asks him out on a date.


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The movie begins in the early afternoon as a homeless person wanders down Broadway. At first, nobody stops him and he walks on foot. Nobody understands him, so no one lets him stay in their apartment. Eventually a homeless guy comes up and asks him to help him find a friend. Jack obliges and gets his own way into a soup kitchen where several people share their misfortunes. Several months later, Jack receives a visit from his old friend Frank. Frank is terribly disheartened by the state of his apartment and tells Jack he plans to give his own apartment to a widow. But Jack has other plans and tells Frank to mind his own business.


In the movie, we see some of Jack and Frank’s history up close. They both lost loved ones and have dealt with loss since then. Throughout the film, we see more of Jack and Frank’s back story, how and why they have chosen careers that are opposed to each other, and how they relate to each other. Their friendship is the film’s greatest strength, as is the audience’s empathy for their plight. The characters in the movie even have a few songs dedicated to their friendship.

The Ending

The movie ends with a heartfelt speech by Jack delivering on his grave. It’s a tearful moment of celebration that comes just short of giving up. He tells his daughter that she will always be able to find something that matters in her life, because her mother took the time to build something grand despite everything. The movie ends on a touching montage of Jack and his daughter watching their grandmother grow old. This montage shows the audience what Jack has been through in his life and why he’s trying to build his lifetime of happiness.

The Review

Overall, this film chronicles the lives of two unlikely heroes. Jack and Jane are friends who overcome tremendous odds to reach the end of their lives. While the movie is based on true events, it is not a documentary of premature death. Although the plot may appear to be a little too perfect, Jack and Jane make a powerful case for living your life to its fullest. People everywhere know about the life story of Jack and Jane. Their story resonated with many Americans during the 2021 election when Senator John McCain presented the winning ticket against President George W. Bush. Although the film was released several months before the election, it became a sensation almost immediately. Jack and Jane remain a film that everyone should see.

The Critiques

The film Jack and Jane are portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., Dan Aykroyd, Mary McDonnell, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis, and Emmannuel Chriqi. These actors all bring different skills to the table, and they all add their own distinct style to the film. The movie has an unusual and interesting plot, filled with great acting performances and excellent special effects. Although the two lead characters are two of the most amazing characters to ever grace the big screen, the screenplay is not the best. It lacks substance, and at times the film feels disjointed. Overall, the film is worth seeing just for the amazing opening scenes, but after that it becomes predictable.

Wrapping Up

Overall, this is an okay film. It is entertaining, but not very creative or original. It does what it sets out to do which is portraying two characters overcoming obstacles and grief to reach the greatest destination. If you like movies about the old grandmother and the kid from Home Alone, then this should be a very enjoyable and relaxing film. I recommend this to people who like suspense, adventure, and a little comedy mixed in.

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