How to Register For the Target Baby Registry

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There are some very important docs and don when making a baby registry list and one of the top dogs is when it comes to making your first baby registry list – you need to make a Target baby registry list! Here is why: 10 Reasons to Make a Target Baby Registry

Find The Right Items

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Target baby registries are great because they make it easy to find the right items for your new bundle of joy. When you use a Target baby app you can add items to your register that can help with the purchase of your new bundle of joy. Some examples of things you can add to a Target app to help with the purchase include baby clothes, layettes, feeding supplies, bath supplies, crib accessories, etc. There are also some exclusive in-store deals and events that you can register for. For example, Target offers exclusive savings on certain in-store items during certain seasons such as winter and spring.

On the homepage of the Target app there is an “Add to Registry” button that you can click to add the various items you wish to register for. Also on the homepage there is a link to find out more about each product. The Target welcome kit is one of those special in-store items that you can register for. A free welcome kit includes a swaddle blanket, diaper stacker, wash cloths, hooded towel, bottle brush and lotion.

The Target Welcome Kit

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The Target welcome kit can be added to your Target baby Registry by visiting the in-store website, calling customer service, or by filling out and returning the completed form. You can also select a printable custom welcome kit from the in-store website, call customer service, or fill out and return the completed form. In addition to the above, gift givers can register for the return items as well as the gift tracker gifts by visiting the website, calling customer service, filling out and returning the completed form, or calling customer service.

Each baby registry welcome kit contains a personalized swaddling blanket, hooded towel, diaper stacker, wash cloths, hooded towel, and lotion. These personalized touch items are perfect for new parents! You can also add baby blankets, baby bottles, baby rattles, and other nice baby shower gifts. Each of these gifts can be printed on the home page of the Target app. There is also a link to the store’s Facebook page where friends and family can join the fun. If you are registering for more than one gift at a time it is best to complete all of the gift registration pages on the same page.

Calendar And Birth Date

The free welcome kit also comes with a calendar and birth date. It also includes helpful information on using the Target app, registering for event dates and times, using the contact list, creating a family tree and sending mom and dad a photo of themselves with their newborn. The calendar will allow you to set up reminders and send email notes. If you are registering for an infant shower you can also include useful tips for decorating the nursery. If you are looking forward to a full year of giving, the calendar and birth date will remind you of when to plan events in that time period. Some of the events include a sibling day, first birthday, a welcome baby shower, a backyard baby party, a sleepover, a visit from grandma and da-de-dah, and a baby get-together.

Summing Up

In addition to the gift checklist and the events calendar, the Target baby registry also has other useful information such as baby gift registry gift tracker. This is a great way to keep track of all of the items that have been purchased for the new infant and to find out if it is what you were hoping for. It also makes things easy by making it possible to enter in the baby’s name or initials as well as the date of birth or when you placed the order. As you can see, the Target baby Registry has everything an expectant parent could ever need to begin the new life they are creating. You can start using it today and be on your way to a beautiful baby.

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