How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards

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Baby safe when it comes to a baby, it is necessary to keep your baby safe with the right kind of measures. Home hazards have led to a lot of deaths and injuries to kids and even a lot of deaths. It is good to identify the major causes of child death and the ways to handle these situations. 

Baby Falls

How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards
How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards

·        Without Baby Gates

One of the significant issues that can lead to the majority of the baby falls, which are dangerous, is the installation of very few baby gates. Parents consider putting the barriers on stair tops and not at the bottom. If the child is crawling up and falling back down, then it can result in a lot of issues. A significant problem with the installation of the baby gates is pressure gates that are easy to push over. It is best to choose hardware-mounted gates that you can install on both tops as well as the bottom of the stairs. Moreover, it is necessary to keep the gate openings to be very small so that the baby head should not fit through. 

·        BabyWalkers

How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards
How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards

Baby walker injuries are very common among kids under the age of 4. More than 80 percent of babies who go through such damages are under supervision as per safe kids worldwide. However, the researches show that the walkers do not help the kids to walk. You should let the baby walk alone and naturally. 

·        Babies In Carriers 

Most of the people believe that strapping the babies to a carrier is the safest way to keep the baby alone so that you can then involve in your work. However, babies can easily fall from a carrier, and it can also lead to very severe injuries. When you are strapping your baby to the carrier, it is not safe to keep the baby on the top of a table or dryer, as it can lead to hazardous injuries. 

Suffocation  And Baby Safe

·        Baby In Bed

Sleeping with the baby in bed can lead to a lot of issues like suffocation. Moreover, more than 60 percent of the tragedies with babies can occur in bed or cribs. However, there is a significantly large number of cases where the babies faced suffocation while sleeping with their parents. Keep baby near to you, by putting the baby in the crib near your bed or attaching the bed. 

·        Cluttered Crib

However, decorating your crib with blankets and pillow may be cute, but these beautiful items are hazardous to your baby. They can roll on the baby and can lead to suffocation if the baby is unable to roll over. However, you can easily handle this situation by using the sleeping sack, which zips up to the baby’s chin. 

·        Food In The Size of Coin

Certain food items which are in the size of a coin can lead to choking and suffocation to the people. Hot dog slices, popcorn, raisins, and grapes are the food items that can easily block the windpipe of the baby. However, when you are feeding the baby, cut the grapes into quarters, the hot dogs by length, and ensure not to leave any candy or nuts on the tables which your baby can reach. 


How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards
How To Keep Your Baby Safe: 4 Biggest At-Home Hazards

·        Water In The Buckets

However, many infants die due to drowning in the buckets. Babies easily fall in the bucket with headfirst. If you are cleaning, you should be sure that the baby is in a safe crib. 

·        Infant Bathing Seats

Moreover, people usually feel that buying the bathing seat is a safe way to bathe the baby, but there are numerous deaths due to injuries with the bath seats. Suction cups on the seat’s bottom can easily detach from the tub and lead to dangers. However, you should better skip bathing seat and get all the supplies near to you while bathing the baby. 

·        Kid Pools

However, kid pools are also another primary reason for kids to face drowning and death. If you have a pool in the compound, you should ensure to install a safety fence around it, and if you are visiting somewhere where there is a pool, you should be sure that your baby stays close to you. 

Burns And Fires

·        An overheated water heater and Home Hazards

However, it can lead to terrible injuries due to third-degree burns. However, you can avoid such a situation by setting the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or using a hot stop so that you can shut the water when water is too hot to keep the baby safe. 

·        Spilled Coffee

Hot beverages can cause a nasty burn to the kids. You should avoid sipping anything hot with your infant in hand. However, it is also not advised to keep any hot beverages on top of the table as it can lead to bad injuries. 

·        Outdated Smoke Alarm

However, there are also reports of child deaths due to residential fires. If the smoke alarm in the building is ancient, then it can lose the sensitivity and so you should replace it to keep the baby safe. 

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