How to Come Up With the Best Baby Shower Gift Basket For the Mom to Be

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When it comes to baby showers, you can never go wrong when choosing the best baby shower gifts for the parents-to-be. Baby shower gifts are often given during this festive event to thank the new parents for taking a special responsibility in welcoming their child. These gifts come in so many wonderful selections that you will be spoiled for choice.

Cotton Baby Safety Blanket

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Among the most popular and beautiful baby shower gift ideas, perhaps those that take pride of place on the minds of all women everywhere are the cotton baby safety blanket. This is a very practical item to give as a gift. It comes with a safety lace that will wrap the infant in soft cotton fabric that is sure to keep the baby snug and warm. The cotton fabric is also machine washable, so there is no hassle when getting ready for the new season.

In addition to the gift basket, which can be a great gift for the expectant parents, there are other great choices for the best baby shower gifts that any shopper would be proud to add to their list. One of the best baby shower gift ideas for mom-to-be is a registry. Registering to be a hostess is a wonderful way to thank your guests for attending and participating in the event. If the new mom is registering, she can give guests a thank you note with a registry card containing a gift certificate to the hostess of her choice.

Photo Frame

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Another best baby shower gifts idea for the happy couple is a photo frame. The baby photo frame makes a lovely gift registry gift for parents-to-be. It can hold many precious memories of the infant and mom. This is a great choice for a shower where the family is going to be very grateful for the photos.

If the family has a tradition of having dinner together after the baby is born, consider giving the mother and father a gift basket filled with food and drinks. It can be filled with either gourmet foods or items that would complement the new family’s new menu. For example, if the new mother prefers Italian food, items such as pasta, sausages, pizza and pastrami could be included in the food basket. On the other hand, a sweet selection such as chocolates, cookies and candies would be a great addition to the food. The new parents-to-be do not have to have any specific dietary needs to enjoy this unique shower gift basket idea. If they do, it is nice to know that they will receive some healthy options for their diet.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Baby shower gifts that can be given to the parents include personalized gift baskets. Personalized gift baskets are an ideal way to show the parents how much you appreciate them as a friend and as a family. These are always a good idea because most moms and dads love receiving small things that are personalized for them. They can be as simple as a picture frame or something more complex such as a set of silverware or a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant.

Bottom Line

An expectant mom will need a lot of supplies in her first few months as mother to the newborn. Most mommy bloggers suggest having her stocked up on diapers, baby wipes, bottle liners, blankets, clothes, crib sheets, baby carriers, baby dishes, bottles and nursing pillows for her nursery. The best baby shower gift basket that can be given to a mom-to-be would include a lot of baby supplies that she will require during the first few months of her baby’s life such as: baby bath tub, baby shampoo, baby thermometer, baby food jars, pacifier clips, rattles and mobiles, crib music CD, picture frame, rubber duckies, baby blanket and etc. New moms should also consider getting a few gift certificates from online stores as baby supplies nowadays are quite convenient.

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