First Years Baby Products You Should Buy For Your Little Love Bundle

first years baby products

There is someone either boy or girl to take care of them in their old age. Especially of their belongings and property to look after them. Gather everything you need for your new baby can be one of the more stressful tasks during your third trimester. We think breaking the gear into stages based on age ranges can ease the process, starting with what you’ll need in the hospital through the first year. Here are some First Years Baby Products.

In Hospital and Home With Baby

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There are a few things which we need when a baby comes into this world and packing to have ready for the trip to the hospital, with some additional stuff we may want to consider.

There are only five items to consider that must-have for the hospital

Baby’s Going Home Outfit — The hospital typically dresses newborns in white long-sleeved kimono t-shirts that have built-in mittens. If you want your baby to go home in something different, you’ll need at least one outfit that separates the baby’s legs for the infant car seat’s 5-point harness crotch strap. We like the Kissy footie pajamas for coverage and comfort.

First Years Baby Products

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Nipple Balm — Until your milk comes in, your baby is going to be latched onto you a lot! And, although breastfeeding is all sunshine and rainbows, the reality is that until you get the hang of things, nipple soreness can be common. Nipple cream is a naturally-based soothing balm that can be the ticket to keeping the gateway to baby nutrition intact and healthy.

Cloth Wipes — For wipes, it is recommended to use the hospital’s gauze and water or getting a few packages of WaterWipes until transitional stool has passed and you are home with your washing machine. If your preference is to use cloth wipes as well when your baby is born, use cloth wipes till thick enough for when the baby starts to put out some serious solids.

When a baby starts putting some serious solids then switch to Disposable Diapering.

More First Years Baby Products

Disposable Wipes — Most parents use disposable wipes (though the trend for reusable and rising), and wipes and diapers with natural oils are an excellent choice made with oils and a quick, disposable wipe with zero chemicals.

Diaper Cream — At some point, every baby will need a little help keeping their bottom in top-notch shape. Diaper rash cream with natural ingredients because of natural ingredients is incredibly effective with a pleasant smell.

Diaper Pail — Not all diaper pails work well, so it can be more challenging to choose a good one than you think. The best diaper pail gives you the skinny on everything that stinks, or more importantly, shouldn’t stink. In our throwdown of diaper pails, the Munchkin step impresses with virtually no smell and quick bag changes.

Infant Car Seat — Most hospitals won’t let you leave without an infant car seat, which you need by law if you are putting the baby in your car. The Single most common cause of death in children over four years of age are car accidents. Fortunately, infant mortality (0 to 1 year) related to car accidents, has dropped dramatically in the last two decades thanks in large part to safety standards for rear-facing infant car seats. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends having your baby in a rear-facing car seat until they are at least two-years-old (longer if your car seat’s listed weight and height maximum allow).


Having a baby is a great blessing. It also needs much more care and attention to the baby and to see him smiling and grow in front of his eyes. May God bless all babies around the world.

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