Elements to Avoid and to Consider for the Best Grungy Look

grunge style

Grunge style is a subgenre of punk rock in the ’90s. It combined metal, hardcore, and other genres to create a new style. This look has since turned into one of the most popular styles ever! Some grunge-style clothing is too suitable not to imitate. Several elements can be for this style, but there are some elements to avoid if you want a grungy look.

What to avoid if you want a grunge look

1. Any flannel (unless it is the type that only goes about halfway down the torso).

2. A choker necklace or any kind of necklace with an animal pendant.

3. Jeans that are too big for your frame.

4. Layer.

5. Longline hoodies or sweaters.

6. A messy bun or an updo.

Grunge outfit must-haves

A pair of blue shoes

1. Black leather jacket with white zigzag stitching.

2. Boots with buckles or studs.

3. Edgy yet simple earrings.

4. Heavy eyeliner and mascara with lots of coats.

5. Bangs.

There you have it! A guide to grunge style and fashion! If you follow these rules and suggestions, you’ll be able to create an iconic grunge look in no time.The main thing to remember is that grunge style is all about looking natural and not overthinking your outfit! Are you inspired now?

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