Check Out These Summer Baby Products

summer baby products

Summer baby products, such as skincare, diapering, clothes, and transportation, are a wonderful place to start when picking summer baby supplies. These things might help your infant beat the heat and enjoy the warm summer months to the fullest.

 Must-Have Summer Baby Products

Because of the greater temperatures and sun exposure, your infant’s or older baby’s daily care may change slightly during the summer months. While there are many new and inventive products on the market, these are the ones you’ll need to have a fantastic summer.

Basic Summer Baby Products

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Some of your essential baby goods require a summer makeover.

Swim diapers: To prevent waste from entering public bodies of water, any baby wearing a swimsuit should also wear a swim diaper or swim diaper cover.

Wipes: Choose natural aloe-based wipes to help soothe skin and keep harsh chemicals away from fragile summer skin.

Short-sleeve onesies: You don’t want to overdress your baby, but you do want to keep her skin protected from the outdoors.

Wide-brimmed hat: Choose a hat with a wide brim to shield your baby’s face and upper body from the sun.

Muslin sleep sack: Even if it’s cooler at night, you’ll want to keep the baby warm with a lightweight sleep sack that he can’t kick off like a blanket.

Specialized Summer Baby Gear

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Many of these items aren’t used outside of the summer and warm-weather vacations.

Baby sunscreen: Babies under six months should not be exposed to direct sunlight, but if they are, they should be covered in baby sunscreen.

Mosquito and other nuisance bugs are kept at bay by using baby bug spray on babies over two months.

Baby sunglasses: Many brands include elastic bands to secure the sunglasses on the baby’s face and protect her eyes from the sun and debris such as sand.

Baby swimwear: Long sleeve swim shirts are advised to protect the baby’s sensitive skin when in the sun.

Soft shoes: Protect your baby’s feet with soft, breathable shoes when they begin to stand and walk.

Summer Infant Brand Products

With over thirty years of experience, Summer Infant is a trusted brand for infant and toddler products in various areas. Target, Amazon, and most other big-name retailers carry the items. They have everything from toys to potty training, beds, to booster seats. Suppose you buy a specific device, such as a Summer Infant video monitor or car seat. In that case, you can register for safety alerts or recalls on the Summer Infant Registration page online. Summer Infant’s customer service can be contacted at any time by filling up an online form or sending an email. Summer Infant can also be reached by phone at 401.671.6551 during regular business hours.


Summer baby products may be a lot of fun, but it does require a little additional planning. If you have the proper summer clothing for your infant, you can relax knowing that your youngster is secure and happy, allowing you and your family to enjoy the summer heat, time off, and quality time together. 

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