Best toys and games for babies

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Parents of kids from the baby to about the age of three, know how important it is to have a variety of toys for their child. Here are some tips on picking out the best toy for the new baby.

When you first give your newborn a plaything, he or she will probably put it in his or her mouth and try to suck on it. It’s the instinct for babies to explore their surroundings with the sense of touch.

This is what will help prepare your child for learning in both creative and physical ways. Newborns start to put things in their mouths when they’re teething, but you need to take care that your baby doesn’t start ingesting the item.

1. Eye-catching and bright colour

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Eye-catching and bright colour is mostly liked by young children. It catches children’s eyes and makes them attracted to toys. Toys with bright colours are best for helping your child to develop their colour vision.

2. Involvement of hands

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Toys that involve hand movements like shaking, pushing, rolling or stacking will help your baby to develop their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills will help your child to do little tasks like buttoning, zipping, writing and drawing.

3. Sedentary toys

Sedentary toys encourage your child to sit with them without the help of others. They can independently play with these types of toys like pretend cooking sets or dress up dolls which will improve self-esteem in young children.

4. Musical Toys

Musical toys not only entertain your children but also teach them to sing and dance. They can make a tune of their own with this type of toy.

5. Puzzles

Puzzles are best for enhancing thinking skills in young children because you have to follow some rules while solving these puzzles. These types of toys help children to enhance their brainpower and learning abilities.

6. Outdoor games

Outdoor games are best for the summer season. You can play outdoor games like football, hide and seek, hopscotch which will develop your children’s physical abilities.

7. Soft toys

Soft toys are good to cuddle with them. They help young children to develop a sense of security because they feel safe with them.

8. Books

Books are a great way to learn something new and improve your child’s imagination power. You should buy books which will be entertaining for your children from the very beginning. Toddlers can enjoy learning stuff from different kinds of colourful picture books.

9. Board games

Board games are best for young children. They make kids smart, fast and improve their problem-solving abilities. Kids can learn many things like counting, matching colours and shapes etc.

10. Cuddly toys

Cuddly toys are the most liked toy by all types of children because they treat them as their real friends. They will give your child a feeling of love and security which is necessary for their overall development.

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