Baby 1st Birthday Gifts – Make Baby 1st Birthday Special With Great Baby 1st Birthday Gifts

baby 1st bday gifts

It is the baby’s 1st birthday and that is already an exciting time for the family. There are lots of gifts available at baby stores but the most popular are usually gifts for baby’s first birthday. One of the things the mom-to-be can be relaxed about is the budget. But that does not mean that there is no budget to be set. What it does mean is that there should be proper planning and not just going on impulse buying. One thing to remember is that a baby deserves only the best gifts that fit his or her personality, likes, and interests.

Your Baby Should Use Your Gift

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There are several ideas to get a baby’s birthday gift. The most important thing to remember is that it is meant to be something the baby will really use and appreciate. This year, one of the most sought after gifts is baby cuddly toys. The two most popular cuddly toys are the Baby Einstein and the collection by Toys R’ Us.

These two are the more sophisticated and the nicer ones that can cuddle and comfort the baby as he or she plays with it. Cuddly toys can be personalized with the baby’s name or a special message from the parents. Personalized baby presents can be engraved, embroidered, or embossed. For more options, there are now lots of online stores where you can shop for these items.

Personalized Baby Outfits

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Another great choice for baby presents are personalized baby outfits. This is especially great for first time parents. Parents love to receive items that remind them of their baby’s growth and development like personalized baby dresses and hats. Other than clothing, there are also lots of accessories that would also go along with this theme. Parents can even be given outfits for play time like socks, bibs, bottles, burp cloths, booties, and socks.

The infant bodysuit is a great gift idea for a baby boy, which is often in style nowadays. This comes with snaps in the diaper area and an extra pocket for the parents’ keys or mobile phone. The bodysuit has a two-piece suit material, including a shirt for the baby and one piece pants. The snaps on the diaper pockets are perfect for moms who want to take pictures of their baby while he is changing. They come in pink and blue.

Personalized Baby books

Personalized baby books are also among the most preferred gifts. These books have the baby’s name, birth date, and even the year that the baby was born. Some parents even include cute poems and quotes on the book.

Another great gift is a photo album with frames of the baby’s earlier photos. This album has a theme like jungle adventure, underwater world, or an angel. It comes in pink or blue pages. The parents will surely be touched knowing that their baby has been photographed by someone they love like their parents, a friend, or a pet.

Summing Up 

If the baby is a boy, you can have a soft toy or stuffed animal designed in his image. This is a thoughtful gift that the parents will really enjoy and remember for years. On the other hand, you can give gifts like pajamas, socks, shoes, bottles, and even furniture. This will make the baby’s room much more beautiful and he will love having so many things that are special to him.

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