Baby 1st Birthday Gifts Ideas For Boy Or Girl

baby first birthday gifts ideas

Planning a baby’s first year of life can be a lot of fun, but it does get expensive. From baby booties to bibs, you’re going to need a lot of different baby first birthday gifts ideas to show your baby how much you care. These baby shower gifts tips will help you create a unique, meaningful and personal gift that baby’s family will treasure for many years to come.

Shopping Online

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With customised 1st birthday baby boy gifts ideas you never can go wrong. Whether you’re shopping online or at a local retailer, consider the age and gender of the child when you begin shopping. If the child is a first timer, choose something personalised and unique. One of the easiest baby first birthday gifts ideas is a photo blanket. Find a blanket with a cute photograph of baby so that baby can see himself as he grows.

Personalised jumpers and booties make a great baby girl first birthday gift. These items are especially fun if the child in question is a first timer. Another idea for a baby girl first birthday gift idea is a collection of favourite toys. These could be things from an early age like dolls, blocks, musical instruments, or a collection of some favourite toys.

Personalised Baseball Caps


When shopping for baby boy birthday gift ideas, you might consider personalised baseball caps. This is another option that doesn’t break the bank. These caps make a great gift for boys as well as girls. Personalised baseball caps often come in various colours, and sometimes have an actual player’s name printed on them. Make sure to choose cap sets containing items that the parents will love to get.

You might also think about personalized baby bottles. Personalised bottles make for great first birthday gift ideas for babies. You can choose from cute novelty items like cartoon character bottles or ones that say something about the parents. You will be giving something that the child can hold on to as well as show off to friends.

Set Of Balloons

A baby first birthday gift is not complete without a set of balloons. You can purchase brightly coloured ones, or you can have balloons customised with a baby’s name or other details that you want. Baby first years tend to like colourful balloons, and you can find lots of different colours that you can get online.

It is always a good idea to make your 1st year go with a bang by purchasing a nice baby video. These videos capture the moment the baby is born, and you can watch over again as the little one starts to develop. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy a regular DVD, but if you are planning on getting your child’s birth video you may as well invest in a high quality HD baby video. One of the best baby first birthday gifts ideas for this age group are the videos, as they are a gift that the baby will hold onto forever.


So, which categories do you want to fall under? If you do, then you are going to have an easier time finding 1st birthday gift ideas for girls, or for boys. After all, when it comes down to it, the type of baby gifts you give her is going to depend on how she feels about her new baby, and who she is going to be around most of her life as well!

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