A Great Solution for You and Your Kid’s Trouble! Help You Solve the Problem at an Emergency Moment!

Is your child big enough to go through the phase of potty training or are you worried about your child peeing his pants while traveling? If this is your cause for concern then a portable kid urinal is all that you need for your baby. A child goes through several phases of potty training, where he learns how to control and where to pee or poop. Potty training is not the favorite phase that a parent and a child are put through. A portable kid urinal always comes in handy when it comes to situations like traveling or potty training. 

Portable kid urinals come in all different shapes and sizes. There are alluring shapes in which they come. The main purpose of a portable urinal is to make your life easy while you are traveling. There are disposal bags in it, which makes it easy to dispose of the waste. Inside the disposal bags, there is a gel that absorbs the liquid until you dispose of it off. 

How Portable Urinals Can Make Your Life Easy

There are separate portable urinals available for your baby girl and your baby boy. These urinals come in vivid colors and cute shapes, which makes your baby pee in them without creating any fuss. Changing diapers can be a tiring task, in this case, it is quite easy to use a portable kid urinal. While potty training your baby, these urinals play a huge role. If your child is reluctant to use the washroom, then you can consider buying the option of an adorable portable urinal.

Wearing a diaper gives rashes to the baby and needs to be changed frequently. Apart from that, they also make your child feel extremely uncomfortable in summer. However, a portable kid urinal does not require any changing and can be disposed of easily. They are easy to use and trains your baby well for the future. There is no need to take your baby to the nasty public toilets in times of emergency. The portable kid urinals come in shapes of animals, flowers, etc. and they can be used in a park, bus, car, home, etc.


  • Usage is easy as well as convenient. 
  • Completely leak-proof
  • Made of plastic material
  • Suitable for 2-3year olds
  • The pattern made is of a cartoon
  • The name of the brand is Lovyno
  • The model number is: M-EM01Y
  • The package is inclusive of portable kids urinals
A close up of a bottle


  • Convenient to use while traveling
  • Can be used in trains, bus, parks, etc.
  • Good for potty training
  • Come with a handy disposable bag
  • Easy to use and have no leakage


  • Might be a bit expensive
  • If not bought of good quality, then you might face issues of leakage.


Portable kids urinals can be your and your baby’s best friend while traveling or even daily. They are a good teacher in terms of potty training, which is why the kids learn when and where to pee. It is very handy and is pretty convenient to use.

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