A Comprehensive List Of Baby Products Brands

baby products brands

This is the main reason why you find many stores flooded with lots of different baby products brands. This leaves every parent confused. Should you opt for global branded products because they’re known all over the globe? Or should you opt for the local Indian brands as they’re known better than the global brands?

The reason that global baby products brands come to mind first, is because the whole world has become so connected through the internet that anything and everything can reach your fingertips. And in this case, your fingertips can mean the internet. So this makes Indian mothers and fathers choose from an extensive brand list, even when it comes to the matter of baby care. You have the option between Mamas and Papas and Lata Mangeshkar and Drinks and Fruits and Veggies.

An Overview

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But the question still remains – which Indian baby products brands should you opt for? The answer to this question depends on what exactly you want to achieve by buying these little baby products brands. If you want to give your little bundle of joy a complete Indian experience, then you need to choose brands such as Lata Mangeshkar. As you would know, Lata Mangeshkar is not just about infant food but it also includes snacks and other forms of Indian delicacies.

Drinks are one of the most popular baby products brands in India and around the world. So, do you know where did Drinks come from? It was in the year 17th century when an English doctor, Michael Franklin, came to India and started stocking tea in his store. That was the beginning of English Drinks. Soon after that, he opened the first tea house in Mappila. Later on, distilleries were started and the brand came to know about India and became one of the best selling brands.

List Of Baby Products Brands

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In today’s scenario, there are numerous other Baby products brands in the market. Babies need all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins to grow properly. So, the best way to get them all is through pure and natural juices and herbal supplements. One of the latest brands in the segment is Pampers. While the name may be unfamiliar to many, the product is well-known to the masses thanks to its high-quality baby products with brands such as Pampers Nature’s Pocket, Healthy Pals and Pampers Organic Care.

Another popular brand of newborn products brand is Mothercare. It was founded by Dr Kavita Phadnis and her husband Subodh Chandra in 1980. They specialized in treating newborns and were known for innovative and quality products that they sold to mothers and parents all over the country. Some of their famous products are Infant To Toddler Care Formula, Soothing Touch Formula, Organic Care Formula, Wash-n-play formula and Infant To Mother Care chewable tablets.

The third best selling brand is Lucerne. This brand was launched in 1986 by Mrs. Anil Shah and her husband Hemchai Shinde. Their products were adored by the entire nation. They expanded their market in countries such as China and the US. While their main aim was to provide good quality and affordable baby products brands, they also took care to include several other services and options such as personalized soaps and feeding bottles.

In The End

The most loved and preferred baby products brands of the last few years are: cereals, Drishti and Ornish. All these brands manufacture a full range of baby foods and baby food supplements. These brands have also included personalized feeding bottles, baby clothing, beddings, baby travel gear, toys and a wide range of different baby gifts. It is important that you buy only from a trusted baby food brand store.

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